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Podiatry Specialist in East London & Central London

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Registered Podiatrist and Podiatric Surgeon providing expert individualised foot or ankle care. 

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Unparalleled Professionalism 

Jade Tang Podiatry is devoted to providing patients in Central London, Paddington and East London, South Woodford with up-to-date medical and surgical foot and ankle treatments.


Jade Tang is a fully qualified and insured Podiatrist and Podiatric Surgeon, with over fourteen years experience in treating all foot and ankle pathology and providing treatments for: arthritis,  bunions, corns and hard skin, foot and ankle pain, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis and verruca.


Each patient is treated holistically and provided with specialised, individualised expert care.

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Treatments & Prices


Jade Tang

I am a registered Podiatric Surgeon with over 12 years of experience working in the NHS and private sectors.


Being a Podiatric Surgeon means I specialise in all foot and ankle issues. I help new and returning patients understand their foot concerns by providing honest advice to make better, informed decisions about their care & professional treatments for all foot and lower limb related problems in a holistic inclusive practice. 

I help new and returning patients understand their foot concerns and make informed decisions about their care and treatment. I'm known for my meticulous treatments and honest advice. Whether you are a new or returning patient, I will help you


Please feel free to contact me for any queries or concerns you may have or book your next visit with me.

Podiatrist in London, Jade


Patient Experiences

Jade Tang, Podiatrist of all Podiatrists! What do I love about Jade? It's her humility and her way of naturally being at ease with her clients (super, super friendly), she's dedicated to her work and she's the best. You'll love her too! ​​

J Scott

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